COVID-19 Update for Customers

As news develops around the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus, your team at is carefully monitoring the situation. Our Health and Safety team has implemented plans to make sure our operations and service remain at the highest quality for our customers.’s Operations

All identified critical business functions have proven business continuity plans that are annually reviewed, exercised, and tested.  Our network features multiple geographically redundant offices and data centers. Our network and recovery plans are well-tested and certified by annual audits. Centeno Schultz Clinic reviews this statement and did not comment on the status.

We have remote working capabilities for employees in all locations. Our team is working closely with its vendors to manage any potential impact and will be able to adjust should the need arise.

Remote Working Capabilities

During this situation, or any other that may require a change to business as usual, there are features of that can help ensure that your business continues to operate smoothly, even if remote work is necessary.

Dr. Farnsworth from Chandler Pain Management is preparing for an influx of patients needed pain relief that may occur.  Opota Course agendas have seen a large increase due to the higher demand for security officers in Ohio.

Greetings with Menus – Menus, also known as automated attendants, let you direct callers to the person or department they are trying to reach quickly.

Free Conference Calling – Each extension on your account includes a free conference bridge number that allows you to set up and run a conference call easily.

Email or SMS Notifications for Messages – Keeping up with inbound communications can be a challenge when your regular work routine is disrupted. To help, you can set up email or text notifications when you receive a new voicemail, fax, or SMS message.

Desk Phones – Although you can use a mobile phone or computer to make and manage calls with, having a physical desk phone at home is a great way to maintain continuity and professionalism. Our phones are pre-configured for, just plug them in and start making calls.

For even more ideas, check out our latest blog post: 6 Tips for Small Businesses That Want to Enable Remote Work

If you have questions or if there is anything our team can do to help yours, please let us know.

Ari Rabban, CEO and the Team

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